Moving in?

I help expats create more space and get organized in their new home. 

This brings a better overview of what you own which will make you avoid unnecessary multiple purchases. 

As your living space will get physically less cluttered and your eventual storage unit will not have you hanging, you will nurture your inner peace and well being. You will be finding your things more easily and good daily routines will be more easy to implement, both for you and your beloved ones. 

Finally, you will refine your judgement and decision taking capabilities which will reinforce your standing in this time of transition. 

Moving out?

I help expats have a more manageable amount of items to move. 

Less things to move means fewer relocating costs and a lower risk in engaging in storage unity rentals. Furthermore, it will open the opportunity of living this time of change with more peace and overview. 

Finally, less things to move means that things will be done in a mindful way and you will therefore be able to better follow, absorb and elaborate the transition you are about to make. 

My Background

I'm a Perimoving Consultant Certified in the Konmari™ Method from Marie Kondo herself (best known from the Netflix Series "Tidying up with Marie Kondo"). I have worked as a panelist and student assistant in her seminar in London last year and I'm currently mentor in her method as well as finalist in an international competition among other Certified Konmari™ Consultants. The education we have received has some of the highest standards and only about 40% of the people taking it come finally through the strict process that leads to the certification. 

I'm an expat myself and have been living in Denmark for the last 22 years.

Prices (moms included)

0,- DKK First time meeting where we get to know each other and make a plan according to your needs. 

2.500,- DKK for 5 hours of costumized downsizing and organizing consultancy. 

30.000,- DKK for Home Reborn's Exclusive Luxury 2 Package. 

Home Reborn's Exclusive Luxury 2 Package

My exclusive guidance and assistance for 2 consecutive weeks 

(5 hours each day, Monday to Friday)

No other clients will be booked in between

There will be no waiting for getting the next appointment and every daily appointment will be secured

Extra services upon demand:

Explaining danish culture, values and mentality

Interpretating and translating (DK-EN-IT-GR)

Assisting in practical matters


Luxury 2 Package shall be payed in advanced and is not refundable